Digital Economy

In many parts of the world where energy security is an issue, payments are also difficult. Cenfura provides a solution for both issues. This is about making energy transactions and other types of payments easier. Using XCF tokens for digital payments makes payments faster and more efficient.

Currently, most forms of payment are slow and prone to failure. Transaction settlement takes a long time and can be quite expensive. Once energy is produced by an asset on Cenfura’s platform, it is directed to where it is needed and the amount of energy is digitally recorded for billing as well as other important details. The transactions and all of the payments occur automatically according to pre-defined rules.

Cenfura then converts the billed amount to XCF tokens at the current rate. These tokens are deposited into the asset owner’s account seamlessly. The token recipient then can use the tokens for other internal services or take them to the exchange to get local currency out.

The approach is simple and can be applied to wide array of services using the XCF token. This allows Cenfura to overlay its technology onto many types of new or existing projects that want to access digital payments for security and efficiency. Cenfura provides the bridge to the Digital Economy!


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