A New Energy Paradigm

Cenfura - A New Energy Paradigm!

Cenfura is leading the digitalization of renewable energy, creating a more productive and reliable distributed grid. Cenfura incorporates AI and blockchain technology to increase grid reliability and security and to reduce costs.

This unique combination of pioneering renewable energy and smart technologies is the key to Cenfura’s Platform.

Cenfura energy development projects are currently focused in Africa and the USA, with expected growth in the near future to parts of Asia and Europe. The main concentration of development depends on the area being targeted, however, in most areas, it is based on microgrid implementation with integrated Cenfura financial services.

A green energy future will have a marked effect on both the economic and environmental futures of the world we live in!

Pasi NieminenCenfura Chairman

Energy Poverty

A pressing issue

Large portions of the world’s population live with energy insecurity on a daily basis. Rolling blackouts in South Africa and California, highlight the instability and fragility of the centralized grid model.

Choking pollution in many parts of the developing world and weather volatility associated with climate change make the move away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy a priority in this decade.

"There is a clear need for a new energy paradigm"

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The Cenfura Solution

Technology Applications

Residential Solutions

Residential projects start from communities as small as the ones comprising 30 households with solar panels and a battery capacity to serve the community at night-time.

Families in the community benefit from accessing low-cost green energy and bypassing the standard grid electricity transfer and connection fees.

In addition to the apparent cost savings, the community benefits from being energy independent and therefore avoiding any potential power outages within the national power grid.

Gated Communities

Gated communities often need an independent power supply owing to security reasons or other grid connection and reliability issues.

Many gated communities in South Africa and around the world have implemented the Cenfura Residential Microgrid to offer the residents energy independence and reliability.

Thus, gated communities can take advantage of the Cenfura Residential Microgrid, which utilizes the latest photovoltaic solar panel and battery technology, along with Cenfura’s platform, which optimizes the benefits of transactive energy possibilities.

Commercial Solutions

Commercial projects can range from small businesses with rooftop solar panels to large shopping malls with canopy solar systems in the parking lot that sell the excess energy to the main grid.

A vacation resort in an isolated location or on an island could produce energy for its own use as well as supply the excess to the local community, consequently replacing the diesel-run, small, noisy, and polluting power plants.

Public and Government Solutions

Large hospital campuses present various opportunities for installing solar panels. Parking lot canopies with solar panels are a great option; they re-purpose unused space and provide shade for vehicles, visitors, patients, and staff. Alternatively, many hospitals choose roof-mounted solar systems.

Municipalities are likewise heavily investing in various forms of renewable energy systems, both for use in public spaces such as parking lots and sports arenas as well as for powering municipal buildings using their own microgrids.

Cenfura can provide solutions to assist with public grid related problems such as load management and power outages, making the implementation and operation of such applications predictable and trouble-free.

Industrial Solutions

The energy needs of factories, logistics centers, refineries, and many other industrial sectors can be either fully or partly met through the use of a renewable energy solution to meet their energy needs either in full or in part.

With the expected abundance of rooftop or other spaces, many areas can be optimized and built upon to create a solution that increases companies’ profits and fulfills their environmental responsibilities.

Local Power

Locally produced power is a significant reward for the businesses wanting to be profitable because this power has minimal transmission losses and no fees associated with the power grid.

The advent of smart power systems, such as Cenfura’s system, has led to more savings through greater power distribution efficiency and better, more efficient energy storage methods.

In addition, the ability to integrate many local power sources into a grid-connected system boosts production and leads to less downtime across the entire enterprise.

Local Utility Assets

Cenfura can build, own, and operate 50–200-MW solar and wind parks. In contrast to traditional coal- and oil-run power plants, these environmentally friendly parks can be established near the national power grid and can directly feed into the grid.

Cenfura can also own, manage, and operate hydro and geothermal plants where natural resources permit.

By linking these energy producing asset capabilities with Cenfura’s smart platform and token system, the power produced can be directly sold to the consumer or fed into the national power grid.

Storage Options

In addition to power production, Cenfura can build utility-scale energy storage systems located at sub-stations or stand-alone storage farms, providing the grid with frequency and voltage regulation, load shifting and peak shaving services, as well as capacity assurance and black-start capabilities.

Coupled with Cenfura’s smart grid management system and renewable energy plants, these energy storage systems can provide excellent gains and favorable cost savings in contrast to traditional unwieldy oil- and coal-run power plants.

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